About Us


Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia



Founded in:

July 2020

“For cubers, by cubers”

We produce quality lubricants for twister puzzles, and we are the first homegrown lubricants brand for speedcubes in Malaysia.

Our goal is providing better, useful and affordable cube lubricants to cubers all around the world.

Our Products

Tai chi series
Originated from the concept of Taichi which the elements of Yin and Yang mutually reinforce and neutralise. Our lubricants represent the Yin and Yang element respectively. To avoid confusion, we only used its first letter ‘Y’ and together with our favourite formula 71 and 81, we present you Y71 & Y81. The two lubricants that solve your problem once and for all.

Y71 entails an effortless and silky feel that enhances the turning speed effectively.

Y81 makes your cube slightly gummy, it provides long-lasting and steady control.

Justlube 50k is a heavy silicone base lube, easier to break in compared to the regular 50k, provide long lasting feel.

Shadowless Kick is a water based lube that provides fast and long lasting feel. It can be applied on all kind of puzzles and speed up your puzzle instantly with one drop.

Focus on contact surface and track. Contact provides a smooth and stable turning feel. Apply a thin layer for fast and smooth feel and a thick layer for fast and cushioning feel.

Focus on core lubing, perfect for metal-to-metal and metal-to-plastic contact. Say goodbye to the stain on the cube core. No more sticky feel or slowing down your M2 move. Core works great on cores, pieces, and any parts of puzzles as well.